sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2008

IF: Voices

I hear in my mind all this voices... this words... (8)
And sometimes I just wanna shush them all (well not all... some are more than welcome to stay)

5 comentarios:

jazzlamb dijo...

ooh. I LIKE the style. All the other posts...have they been digitally superimposed on a book or directly drawn on those pages?
very interesting effect..

aimee dijo...

wonderful!! i like how you interpreted 'voices', and i LOVE your illustration style. the drawings look so interesting against the pages of the books.

Asja dijo...

very powerful drawing and the way you put it on the book makes it even more interesting!

•MaRCe dijo...

Thanx a lot for your comments :)
and Jazzlamb I draw directly on the pages and sometimes I add textures or colors digitally!

Sara dijo...

She really looks tired :-S I like the combination of the 2 markers (I assume are markers :-P).